In the state of Missouri, a seller in the middle of a sales contract died. The closing time is not yet lapsed and all the contingencies on the buyer side is fulfilled. There is will in place and an executor named for the estate already. The son (named executor) can not legally sign for the deceased seller yet. The buyer's do not want to continue with the contract and wait further and possibly go into probate. What is the fastest way to get the buyers out of the contract? Does the contract die with the sellers death? 9the seller obviously can not sign to close and would be in default) At what point does the seller default on this contract in this scenario? Also, there is earnest monies in place. Will the buyer's have to wait until the son can legally sign to release this contract and the earnest monies or how can we get the earnest money back fast without a signature, or does it have to go to arbitration? If it goes to arbitration, at what point in the state of Missouri does the third party company have to return the earnest money back to buyer?