Hi, I live with two other college students in a 3 bedroom apartment, in California. We know we have a creepy landlord because he owns the building across the street and we have seen him go through their trash and gutters, but recently something very wrong in my opinion happened. My roommate came home and found our front door wide open, once he got inside he say the landlord inside, who immediately stated he was there to fix the heater. Now, previously he gave us 24 hour notice in written form to let use know he was going to inspect the heater. Not this time, there was no notice, and he said he attempted to call but none of us received a call from him. This only worries me because there was some "pipe" and such laying around the house. We have never received a complaint from anyone, and are on good terms with all our neighbors. What if any legal recourse could unfold from the events as they happened. Am I correct under the assumption that A:this is an illegal entry and anything he found inside is invalid,
B: we should note this incident to ensure we have documentation of this illegal entry.
Just confused and worried thanks.