My husband and I have bought (in foreclosure) several acres and a mobile home. This was in 2004. Since then we have bought a register certificate each year and this year we are told we need a title to get the sticker. We have built a new home and our daughter is living in the mobile home. We never received a title for this mobile home because it states, in the papers, that everything on the real estate goes with the land. We have a title number and the people that bought the home but what do we need to do to get a clear title for this mobile home? We had a title search done on the land and home before it was bought and everything was clear.
However, we need a title to get a sticker for this mobile home. Can you tell me what procedures we need to do to get this handled and get a title? Should we and how do I get an application for a title? Please and thank you, in advance,for your help! -- email
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