I was living with my mother and Step father for the past 2 years. My mother died in December 07 and then my Step father died January 08. I have still been living in their house Which was my step fathers before my mother married him they were married 9 years. Now my Step brother and Step sister want to kick me out. They first said I could have till May not they are wanting to give me only two week, when I told them I have family coming from AR to help me, I have hurt my back and that was why my step father moved into his house. NOW my step brother and Step sisters said they are getting a viction notice to have me out. BUT they also have the house sold on March 14th and the NOTICE would make me due out in APRIL . MY one question is If they sell the house on March 14th does that make the KICK OUT NOTICE VOID. Question two being a Step child do I have a right to anything from the sale of the Estate?
Thank you for your help
MBS , Nashville Tennessee