My boyfriend wants me to add his name to the deed to my house. The house has been in my name for 6 years and he helps me with projects needed around the house, but he feels like he is doing all this with nothing in return. If something were to happen to me, he wouldn't have a place to live. But if something happened to me, he would get the house and my 2 grown children would get nothing; whereas now (withouth his name on the house) they would benefit. We plan on getting married, but we have been "planning" that for a long time. We haven't because our relationship stays "on the rocks" most of the time. I'm considering adding him, but am concerned about the legal consequences I should be thinking of? What if I added him and it didn't work out? Could he kick me out of my own house? Would it be in my best interest to be married to him first? Is there a "legal" way to work this out and not get screwed?. for both of us? I don't want him to be homeless if something did happen to me. Would I have to put his name on the deed and the mortgage? Would I have to refinance? If we had to refinance, could we refinance with his VA loan or would we have to be married to do that?