I need advice on my current situation with my roommate. She is not on the lease, nor did we sign any type of agreement when she moved in.

I gave the 30-day notice at the beginning of the month (the 1st). I told my roommate a few days later (though we had previously discussed the fact that we would probably be moving out in a little more than a month).

Now, she's telling me that if she can't find a place, she intends to squat there and make my landlord kick her out! My landlord won't be able to do the final inspection and will come after me for rent and damages (which at this point I would not be surprised if she inflicts on purpose!).

What can I do? If she hasn't found a place by the end of the month, can I call the cops? Do I technically need to wait the full 30 days? The notice I gave her was NOT in writing- it was verbal. :o( But, I have confirmation (email) that she received the notice on the 4th.

Please help!