So me and my 2 best friends moved in with their older sister about 4 months ago and were on a one year lease. Soon after we moved in together we figured out that she is IMPOSSIBLE to live with. I won't get into details but we pretty much hate her and we want to get out ASAP. We went and talked to our landlord about anything we could do and she gave us 2 options:

1. We could all sign a tenant release form which would allow the 3 of us to move out and their sister keep the apartment.


2. We could break our lease which would consist of paying a fee of 1500 dollars and all of us moving out.

Well here's the problem with option 1:
Their sister doesn't make enough to keep the apartment on her own so she wouldn't even be approved to keep it.

Problem with option 2:
Their sister is absolutely ridiculous and refuses to move anywhere else or sign paperwork allowing all of us to move out.

We NEED to get out of here. If we don't, it will lead to eviction and we would like to avoid that if we can. Is there any other way we could break our lease?

Thank You :D