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    Jan 4, 2008, 10:01 PM
    rights to stay in home
    I live and care for my elderly mother in a home that is owned by my sister. She owns this home because my parents signed it over to her under duress. They did so, over 10 years ago because they were applying for medicare and social security. They were afraid that they would show too many assets and not receive benefits. She took care of the property for a few years until she moved out leaving myself and my mother to care for the home. She paid property taxes and home owners insurance. She started charging me rent. I moved out (bought a home) a short time after. I lived there for 3 years until I lost my job and then my house. I was forced to move back in 2005 for 6 months. I leased an apartment only for (privacy issues). I was here at the house nearly everyday because my mothers mind is not what it used to be. I moved in again permanently 8 months ago. I work a part time job so as not to leave her alone to long. I also have a little help from a neighbor who pops in from time to time to check on my mom. I have cared for the home for all of these years up to now because she has never hired anyone for any maintenance of any kind. I do it all. I do the yard work. Call friends or family members that have business such as a/c companies, plumbers... etc. I receive all of my personal mail here and have had since 2005. I recently;y had a falling out with my sister because she wanted to throw my mom out and sell the house. My father has since passed away but my mother and sister made a verbal agreement many years ago that if the house had to be sold at some point that she would be given a little less than half of the value of the selling price. She will not sign anything stating this. Because of the falling out she asked me to pay her rent while I lived there caring for my mother. So as not to start any family wars, I did so, but there was no rental agreement signed. I no longer can afford to pay her and she wants to throw me out. My mother cannot stay alone and won't stay with anyone but me. Can she do this? V Is this house legally hers?
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    Jan 5, 2008, 04:29 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by frustratedinflorida
    Can she do this? v Is this house legally hers??
    Hello f:

    Yup. It's HER house.

    By the way, your parents wouldn't have lost ANY benefits even if they kept the house. SS and medicare are paid regardless of how much money you have. A little due dilligence 10 years ago would have saved you lots of heartache.


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