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    Mar 13, 2007, 09:11 AM
    A renter looking to evict family members
    Hi everybody,

    I made the silly life choice to let a family member stay in a property that I rent for just a few months while she got her stuff together to find her own place. Well as you can guess, she has yet to get her stuff together and it has been two years. She does pay rent to me for the room but she causes more stress than is needed. She now has her girlfriend and two children living here and says she has no intention of leaving. What can I do to evict her under New Jersey law. Am I stuck because I am a tenant and only have a verbal contract with her? She is not on the rental agreement and has no strings attached to this place. I just renewed a 2 year agreement and I cannot take her anymore. I could not afford to move so I had to renew the agreement. Pleeeeeaaase help me!
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    Mar 16, 2007, 10:15 PM
    Continue to pay your rent. The agreement is with YOU not them. You can be held liable for damages and anything else. What you have to do is stop accepting rent from her and give her a 3 day notice to vacte the premises. If she does not give her a 30 day eviction notice. By now she has been there for free and she has to show proof of paying rent. When she does not pay rent, she is your guest only now. You may call the police and have her removed. The owner of the place can evict you as I am sure there is a clause of how many people can stay there.

    You could also be the worse roommate of all time. Take up smoking.. play music at all times.. make them leave.. just be careful not to break the law. When the police come, by the way, make sure you have your renter agreement with you showing you are the only one on it.

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