If we rent a mobile home in Texas from a family member, and there is no lease and we have lived here for three and a half years maybe longer. We pay our rent on time, and we have two disable people in the home. The land lord who is a relative threatens to kick out one to two people that live in the home but not the other family members. The local law told me they can do that. One of the family members that was told verbally to moved in two weeks was assaulted by the family land lord prior to being asked to move. Nothing in writing at all. The police told me because they are a family member that is the land lord that we have no right and they can kick anyone out of the home because there is no lease. The land lord has been harassing and stalking the person who is asked to move out for several months. Law enforcement says that the land lord can walk to our door, and start stuff and that is not trespassing because they are a family member. What are our rights. Does local the police department have the right to not protect our rights.