Hi, I'm in the process of finding out how to proceed with a quit claim on a piece of residential property that I purchased in my name only, but after I married my husband. We live in GA (and in the house in question). My understanding is that since I purchased the house after we married, and since GA is an equitable distribution state, the property is seen as being jointly owned, even though the deed is in my name alone. Is this correct?

Secondly, if indeed my husband has part ownership in the property, how do I word the quit claim document? Would there be 2 Grantors (both me and my husband) who grant ownership to one Grantee (me alone)? Or would I just need to show my husband as the Grantor and me as the Grantee? We aren't getting divorced, and do live together in the house; I just want to ensure that it's mine alone and he can't take advantage of being a partial "owner" of the house as I think the State of GA sees it. (He's had gambling problems in the past so I want to do this to protect this property as inheritance for our son.)