I own a home in Charleston, SC that was given to me by my parents. Since they did not have a will when my Father died, my Mother & my sister signed their portion over to me. That left my brother who has been missing for over 10 years now. I'm not sure if he is alive or dead, but he has chosen not to contact anyone & there is no death certificate on file for him. We hired an investigator to search for him & no luck. Last known address was in Las Vegas, NV. I now have a buyer for my house & cannot complete the transaction due to my brother owning 1/6th of the property. I have started the Quiet Title process 6 months ago & the Law Firm just came back to me stating that they have to publish another ad in Las Vegas (the first ad was in Charleston, SC-where the property is). They want $1800.00 before they will proceed any further (I have already given them $1300). Is this normal? I have to sell because I can't afford to repair the house where it needs it & now I am going broke trying to pay the attorney fees. Is this reasonable? How much does quiet title usually cost & how long will it take? How can it cost $1800 for a Legal ad in Las Vegas, NV? Please help! Thank you!