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    Oct 23, 2018, 12:59 PM
    Property Law -Liens and due process
    What is the SOL or right to due process for the accused party, for going to trial or settling if someone has put a lien on your house, claiming they have part ownership?The individual who is placed the lien is using every stall tactic to stay on site (lives on the property in a separate dwelling) dragging this out for almost 2 years now. She doesn't respond to her lawyer in a timely manner because she does not want to move. Now, for the past 3 months has not been paying her rent (or as she claims - mortgage). The home owners are in their 70's and need to sell. Their daughter started this claim I think 2 years ago when they tried to place the property on the market.She is asking for $125,000, part of the equity once the house sells. So two questions;
    1. If someone places a lien on your property, how long do they have to process the claim before it is thrown out based on the defendants right to due process?
    2. If she is no longer willingly contributing to her financial responsibilities, be it mortgage or rent, does that not invalidate her claim of part ownership or right to residency?


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