I own a mobile home in a park, on leased land. The owner passed away. His ex wife.. not on deed.. and son.. who is.. have taken over. All dealings have been with his ex wife. I have lived here almost 7 years. I have a contract of $1,000 a year until jan. 1st , 2020. I was informed in dec. 2018, that the lot lease was going to $2,400 a year. Of course, they know they have to honor my contract til 2020. But, i can not afford $2,400 payable in 1 payment. I am on disability. Many home owners here, have already moved, for the same reason, cant afford it. They don't want to buy my trailer, and it is a nice one. I am having trouble trying to sell it, it is hard selling that $2,400 lease. Do they think i am supposed to just surrender my home to them. What rights do i have. It cant be moved, due to a built up roof, and a room addition. What can i do.