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    Apr 21, 2008, 04:51 PM
    New landlord, no parking?
    I just signed a year lease which states that I am entitled to one parking space. I was also verbally told that I would have a space. The building just changed management and a lot of the tenants have lived here for a long time. I was given a numbered spot, apparently this was someone else's space. The landlord gave me a different space. The place he told me to park is always occupied by a car.

    One tenant told me this unit has never had a space and the landlord was lying to rent out the place. There are 9units and 9spaces. I called my landlord to let him know how frustrating the situation is. Everybody in this building seems very defensive about their space, but at the same time it seems like people just park wherever. Apparently the old landlord gave each unit a space, but not a designated one.

    I'm just very frustrated and wanted to vent. Also, wanted to know if anyone had some useful advice. It's not my job to assign spots or know how many spots are available... that's the landlord's job!

    By the way, this is in Los Angeles.
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    Apr 21, 2008, 04:58 PM
    If the landlord assigned you a space you need to put a notice on that car that they are in your space, see if the landlord will notify the person parking in it. Since it is a space assigned in your lease, you could in some states merely have the car in your spot towed ( assuming the parking spaces are numbered and assigned) If the person parking in your spot has a issue with this, they need to talk to the landlord

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