Hello, I'm in North Carolina and my aunt is currently living in my grandfather's house. She's been here for 12yrs. I'm my grandfather's power of attorney and I'm trying to straighten out his life. For over 11 years she paid no rent at all while my grandmother was alive- in August of this year I told her she had start paying rent if she was to continue living there. She agreed because she needed to prove she was helping pay bills in order to get food stamps. She only helped 2 months with bills before deciding she wasn't going to help pay anything anymore.

There was a signed paper with her agreeing to pay my grandfather or me $400 a month toward paying bills but she kept the paper and I'm not sure if an oral contract is enough. Personally I'm not interested in the money- I just want her out of our house as she's sold drugs out of the house, lays around indecently exposed after drinking or doing drugs, refuses to help pay bills, leaves the place trashed with her stuff, stole a cellphone from me and ran the bill up.

I don't have the money for an attorney but I've been doing all the research I can. Can I just give her a 7 day notice with a witness then go into summary ejectment? I don't understand the difference between a tenant and a resident in terms of evicting her. What would I need to do to resolve this situation?