I am due to settle on a new house in PA on 20th October. When we did the inspection,
Several things were wrong, but after a fair bit of too-ing and fro-ing the
Seller agreed to sort them out (radon, basement mold, termites etc). We got a
Note through last week saying all this had been completed and the sellers agent
Allowed me into the house to check it out. When we got upstairs I was shocked to
See significant mold on master bedroom wall. This is a new construction. This
Is a massive no-go for my wife and I and I want out of the deal. Seller is
Adamant that we cannot pull out, and if we do he says we will lose our deposit. He says
He will fix the mold issue - but will not allow me to be involved in this "fixing". I think we
Are justified in pulling out because this is a new serious issue. I don't want
To lose my $20K deposit. I still want the house but think he is unreasonable in not allowing me to "OK" what he is planning to do.

I must note that we have not yet sold our current property so it might appear
This is why I want out of the deal. But its not that at all. I just don't want to
Have a recurrent mold problem. There have been other more minor issues.