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    May 24, 2011, 02:00 PM
    Manufactured home
    From Ohio: I also have a manufactured home. My first representative was a woman and was rude and very hard to deal with, I then had a new representative who was very sympathetic due to me being disabled with stress related problems, HBP, MS, Strokes and I am only 54, my husband was laid off so the rep had me get 30 days late and then deferred my payments for 3 months to get caught up on my bills. Winter came and my husband still was not back to work and I was 4 days late, I know I have no grace period, but she did not identify herself and after threatening me for payment I was feeling my BP rise so I hung up, she called the next day and my husband answered the phone and once again she did not identify herself just that she was a debt collector and started in on him. So I wrote a letter to the finance Company telling them that it is clearly noted in their computer of my medical problems and not to get me upset, I told them about her not identifying herself and that due to my medical condition they were to cease and desist calling me immediately, a woman in FL died after a mortgage company called harassing her and her family sued and won. THEY are all aware of that possibility, THEY HAVE TO IDENTIFY themselves. They can talk to you or leave a message one time a day.I received a letter back and they said they would no longer call me, as soon as they investigate the situation action will be taken among the appropriate people. So now I have to be late 30 days once again in order to get a deferrment again. The woman I am working with says to notify her if anyone else contacts me besides her. I own several acres with no lean on the property but the Manufactured home is not sitting on a foundation and has a title. I have even at one time told them to come get it, we have had nothing but trouble with the house since we bought it. I pay Manufactured home taxes and property taxes separately. In this economy my credit is already shot so a repossesion on this MH home is not a real problem to me, I will sell the real property and buy a real house, the trailer I traded in for $8,000 was better built than this home.
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    May 24, 2011, 02:17 PM

    barron69, what is your question?
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    May 24, 2011, 02:30 PM
    If you own several acres free and clear, and it's the best season for selling (depending on where you are and any floods or tornados of course), put the land up for sale ASAP, pay off the loan on the MH and sell that too, and find a nice little condo closer in to town and medical care. Or keep the minimum acreage (that means paying for an expensive survey probably though) and get current with your home payments.

    The trouble with harassing phone calls is that no one will listen to your complaints unless you die too. Why are you answering the phone? You need caller ID.
    Someone might win a complaint against the harassing caller and company, but medical problems aren't going to stop repossession of the home. You might as well prepare now. You say you told them to come repo it but do you have a place to live?
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    May 24, 2011, 05:37 PM

    They have to stop calling you. They can continue to attempt to collect and will eventually foreclose.

    Rudeness is not grounds for a legal suit. Disability is not a reason not to pay your bills.

    I would like more information on the Florida lawsuit. If it's in either St. Pete's or Tampa I am familiar with the case. I thought the family lost the lawsuit.

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