I hope someone can answer this question for me. I had a lease for 8 months in St Louis (MO) however I stayed for 4 months now due to economic condition under cost cutting my job loosed (I was contact employee) I did not got any payment to close my lease agreements and I donít have any support to pay rent for next months and I donít have money left to pay termination. So now I think to give termination to my lease before 4 months however my land lord is not accepting the lease termination without any charges. They are asking me to pay 2 months rents + the offer initially they gave me. Now My question is their any rights or way close my lease without any changes or with min amount payments with the reason of losing job under tenant rights of Missouri Law. I have letter from client due to economic condition they did cost cutting and they end my contact in that company before. Please some one help us about this.