We moved into an apartment two years and three months ago and just moved out. In February, my husband had food poisoning and was very sick. He had taken pepto bismol, but in a polite way, it didn't stay down. Thus, we ended up with some light pink stains in an area about one foot wide and three feet long in random spots. We tried to clean it as best we could, but couldn't remove all spots. We figured we would have to pay to have this part of the carpet replaced, but they are wanting us to pay for half of the replacement cost of the carpet, saying that they must replace all of it, rather than just a room. Apparently there is no seam in the carpet and it's all one big piece. This I find highly unlikely since I have seen the seam in the carpet, which is cheap to begin with. I don't mind paying for the carpet to be replaced where the accident occurred, but not for everything.

I have heard there are certain rules regarding the carpet cost, through the Texas Apartment Association, but I cannot find it online.

Thank you for your help!