Thank you for taking the time to read my question! I am currently renting month-to-month, and my landlord just told me that she will be trying to sell the house. She called me at 3pm on Saturday to tell me that she would be by with potential buyers at 9:30AM the next day. I have searched and searched, but all I could find about PA law on this matter is that landlords/real estate agents must give 'reasonable' notice. To me, 'reasonable' seems pretty relative. I am a full-time nursing student on top of working a full-time job and having a family, and it was a race to get the house spick-and-span as well as hide all intimate or valuable items in time. So, I guess my questions are these:

1. In PA, is there any set amount of time that I *must* be given notice before my landlord/realor shows the house, or is it simply whatever they think is 'reasonable'?

2. Can my realtor/landlord show my house without my being there? We own the typical valuables of a family (jewelry, electronics, cash, etc) and worry that any of these things can be taken while we're not there.

3. In PA, do we have any rights as to a 'set' time in which my landlord can show the house? For example, Mon-Fri? Sundays are the only days my whole family has off, and we usually spend it as 'family time' lounging in our PJ's and making big, messy breakfasts. I realize our landlord has to sell, but do we have any right to say "Monday would be better"?

4. In PA, is there any set amount of time that our landlord *must* give us before she makes us move? Unfortunately, I do not have a lease, as this house was a bit of an emergency move.

A great big thank you to whomever can answer these questions for me!