I am in a situation and am in need of some advice. I am currently renting an apartment in
Minneapolis. I am doing an internship which only requires me to live here for 3
Months. I signed a lease with a complex on a month to month basis. I planned to
Move out at the end of April, so on march 1 I went to put in my 60 day vacating
Notice (61 days ahead of my vacating). I was told that I needed to provide 2
Full months vacating notice, and since it was the 1st of march and not the 28th
Of February that I would be required to pay for an additional months rent.

After doing some reading I have not seen any other complex that requires a 2
Month and not 60 day vacating notice. I also read an article of yours that said
Under Minnesota Statute 504B.135 that a tenant on a month to month lease would
Only have to provide a 30 day notice (since I pay rent every 30 days). I understand giving a 60 day notice, and I feel that I gave them enough time (61 days) but because of the short 28 day month I will be charged almost a $1,000 for an apartment I won't be living in.
Before I go in and show this statute to my landlord I was wondering what your advice was.