I've lived in this apartment for 4 years. For the past year we have been going month to month, as we anticipated we might need to move out when we purchased a condo.

Well, we got the condo, and now need to close in 1 month, yet the management in our apartment complex tells us we need to give 60 days notice, and that it's in our lease agreement. So basically we'll be paying both mortgage and rent for 1 month.

So, I've done some research and am still very confused. I saw a post on apartmentratings.com, where a tenant stated that he was in the same situation in my apartment complex, and that he told him that a 60 day notice on month to month leases is against Virginia State law. He then said the management caved in immediately. I however would like to have some proof that this law exists but I'm having trouble finding the information.

Yet I've seen other posts which state that if it says 60 days in the lease, then 60 days it is.
Kind of defeats the purpose of going month to month doesn't it? It's something I should have realized when I went month to month, I guess I just assumed common sense would dictate that when you go month to month, it's because you may need to move out in a month... not two months.

I appreciate any help you can give me on this.

By the way, sorry I posted the same question in a similar thread, didn't realize I could start my own topic. Please ignore my post in the other thread. Thanks.