My friend recently moved into a new apartment by herself. The building is owned by a father-son partnership. They are immediately responsible for repairs and upgrades in and around the building. They own three buildings on the same street.

Upon moving in, my friend was given the option to request an upgrade to the apartment; she mentioned more shelving in the closet. The landlord agreed. Since then, very little has actually been done in the closet. A couple small shelves and a hang rod, which has somehow culminated into 3-4 separate unannounced visits by the landlord's son. As well as unannounced visits, he has been crossing the line with calling her repeatedly during the day, both on her cell and at work, to ask menial questions (like if he should take her trash out). He finally attempted to bridge the gap with internet friend-invites, etc. She is starting to get worried since she's been there less than a month and already is feeling unsafe.

Is there any legal recourse that can or should be taken against the landlord to require notice before entry? Or should she say forget it and just find a new place? She is worried either way, since the landlord has all of her personal info, and a key to her apartment. Can you actually get a restraining order against your own landlord if necessary?