Hello! To explain my situation I have rented since October a nice townhome in a quiet neighborhood. I pay my rent electronically so it has NEVER been late. I also keep my home clean and have never made a complaint or had a complaint. Yesterday I returned from work and after entering the garage and shutting off the engine of my car, I attempted to put down the garage door. The door started to move to the closed position, stopped and went back up. This happened a couple times as I checked to see if anything was blocking the sensors. While I was trying to figure out why the garage door wouldn't close, the neighbor who shares my driveway returned home. He asked if he could be of assistance and also checked to see if anything was in the way of the sensors. Upon looking at the frame he says it appears someone has hit the door frame, with a car or truck. It is dusk out, about 7:00, so it is difficult to make out any visible damages. He is able to straighten the metal guide frame back straight so the door can slide closed. I left for work this morning and noticed immediately a dent in the siding on the front of the garage door. Once I arrived at work I called my landlord and left a message with the receptionist. While away from my desk, I receive a phone call from one of the employees at the property management office indicating that they would go see what the damages were and bill me for the repairs. I returned the management office's call and am again told that "I'd better have insurance and that the property damages are my responsibility." I ask if a tornado hits, am I responsible? If there is a drunk driver or drive by shooting, am I responsible? The employee says she will have the owner call me but that it is my responsibility and he will tell me the same thing. I have called my insurance company, my insurance protects me and my belongings not the actions of unknown persons to the property. HELP?!