Myself and my roommates lease an apartment from our landlord. The building we live in is brand new and we are the first tenets to live in the apartment. There are two apartments in the second story. The landlord also has an office/bar/living area in the front of the building, also on the second floor, right next to our apartment. Landlord also has a garage right beneath our apartment, which he uses to house his trucks and various ATVs, motorcycles, four-wheelers etc. Myself and my roomates, along with the other apartment are all college students. It has become a problem because the landlord causes disturbances that make it difficult to study/sleep. He plays music during all hours of the night, has parties that last till the early morning hours, the garage door literally shakes the entire building when he raises and lowers it in the early morning hours, rides ATVs through the adjacent lot, ties a dog outside that barks all day, drives his work trucks through the garage which is very noisy. We have confronted our landlord about the noise and disturbances and have even told him we wanted to move out early. He denies that we can break the lease early. Is there anyway we can break this lease early? It seems like there are grounds for the lease to be broken. Where do I go from here, what steps should be taken to break this lease? The disturbances are interfering with our daily life. Should legal action be taken, and does this violate the covenant of quiet enjoyment? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! PLEASEEEE!!

Also it says in the lease "...loud or disturbing noises or conduct will be permitted in said unit or on the premises.."

I hope this helps! Thanks so much