Polk county Florida.. I have served a 3 day notice for rent and it was not paid with month/month tentant .I filed at court house and sheriff has gave them 5 days without weekend and day served . They have until 1-12-09 to put moneys in court registry.If they put it in, can I still proceed with rid of possessions ?And will the judge award me with the rent money.I still want them out.. the other question is, it will be too late to give a 15 day notice to terminate tentant, after the 3-18-09 it is due on the 2 and of the months. The cost I've paid now is $430 and if I have to start over I will have to pay another $ 430 again.. and they stay another month... I was told that with the 15 day notice you can still receive part of the rent and proceed with evictions but not with the 3 day notice. Is that right? In Florida