I am in a land contract with myself and two other parties. (Property was purchased for this purpose) One party obtained the financing (which this was not me) while me and other party are paying our third of everything included in purchasing, including down payment, monthly mortgage, insurance, (you know everything). It's a 30 yr contract with deed to be delivered upon my completion of my obligation. But now financer is selling the property out of the blue. (We have been here 1yr. 7 mo.) Contract stated that we would have first option of buying out any party that wanted out so to speak. But other party and myself aren't able to get the financing to buy out the financer, and I understand that. What I was wondering are myself and other party entitled to any reimbursement of our money and labor costs that we put into property(several thousand dollars) for improvements ourselves if and when property sells? Also would we be entitled to any portion of monthly mortgage payments back? Thank you,