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    Feb 3, 2007, 08:32 AM
    I need to know if the brokerage co. and title co. can be held responsible actions
    Hi. I hope this is in the right category of law but I refinanced my house last year because of a pending divorce and to get my husband's name off the deed at the time. Well, I found out months later that the title co. messed up and had us sign the wrong deed and also find that I question a lot of the fees that were charged to me in my new loan by the broker and title co. that is not matched on the good faith estimate. And the title agent at the time of refinance not only gave us the wrong deed but had handwritten letters and put "husband off deed" in my HUD statement that neither the broker or title co. has copies of. I could have a possible lien put on my property now because of my ex's credit card and it was hard enough getting him to sign the first time, but now the second time. This is a complicated situation. I have just recently finally got a new deed to be recorded getting his name off but I don't know if it will be too late with the judgement against my ex for the credit card. And I have submitted complaints to several people requesting their help in what to do with these companies that I think should be held responsible for their actions and stress they have caused me and continue to; for example, the pa state of banking, atty general, pa state of notary and my current mortgage co. as well as the broker and title co. to see what they all have to say. I'm still waiting. I was told through a lawyer friend that I cannot sue until I can prove some monetary property damage or "real" pain and suffering. Is this just a messy situation and I just have to suck it up as that or am I able to have these people be held monetarily for what they have caused me? If you need any additional info, I will be glad to provide it.

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    Feb 3, 2007, 08:51 AM
    First gave you the wrong deed? There is no wrong deed, there are deeds filled out wrong, there are deeds not witnessed properly but really any deed transfers ownership.

    And if you can not sell or get clear title to your property, that is your loss, the value of legal use of your property.

    File that need deed, if there is no lien on the property at this exact time you file you need deed, they can not latter put a lien on the property.

    Having a judgement does not mean they will do a lien, it means they could, but getting a lien on property is about the last choice of a credit card company.
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    Feb 3, 2007, 09:08 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by maryanneg2
    people be held monetarily for what they have caused me? if you need any additional info, i will be glad to provide it.
    Hello mary:

    Your lawyer friend is right. It didnít cost you anything, so you canít collect anything. Plus, you didnít suffer or have pain. You had stress. Big deal. Being stressed is not compensable. The good news is, you got it fixed.


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