I recently took possession of my Mother's house. I legally own the home. I am a student so I took in roommates to help pay bills. Each roommate pays a straight amount to cover utilities, etc. So far their have been limited problems, however the most recent roommate is on third shift. Shortly after he moved in we discussed the problems that might arise since he was on a different shift. He said he was seeking a room from his boss that works on the same shift. It never worked out. I am gone three days a week. The second roommate is gone days. This morning he was yelling at me from his room, while I was running a drill in my room to fix a broken bed. He said I can't make noise while he's sleeping. My schedule does always allow me to plan these type of things around his schedule. We argued and I told him to find somewhere else to live. He said was going as long as he could find another place. What is the law for eviction?