When I moved into my home in tx, I signed a 6 month lease. The electric was already on in the home under my landlords name, It took us right at a month to get it transferred over. In that month the bill was $700, I try to make some kind of arrangements with the electric company, but since it was in his name they said talk to the landlord. He chose to pay it in full, and told me not to worry about it just make sure I pay the fees to get it in my name and we would work out something later. Two months later I was $125 short on rent, the next month he accepted my $325 short rent payment, One week ago I got an eviction notice out of the blue, telling me to pay $1150 by the 31st or get out. I let him know I could not pay the whole thing but I would pay the $450 for rent, he said pay it all up!! Can he evict me for the electric bill payment? If so is one week sufficient time to do that?