Me and my roommate just moved into a three bedroom apartment this month. I've been having some issues with the way she talks to me, it's very disrespectful. She calls me the "b" word instead of by my name. She's always barking orders at me. And she likes to start arguments over any and everything. So today I told her she had to cool it with the way she was talking to me and listed the reasons. She went off the deep end. She first threatened me over the phone and said we'd talk again when she got home from work. I called the police and made a report. When she got home she brought her girlfriend with her, came into my room and started yelling at me "what's the problem?" We went over the situation again and got nowhere. I then told her I filed a report on her and also the police said if she hit me or threatened me to call again. She then said that I may as well call them because we were going to get into an altercation. She says "I'm not the arguing type. I don't know where you come from but where I'm from we fight so you need to stop arguing with me or it's going to be a problem." I called the police because I felt she was threatening me, and she was because she admitted that she was threatening to fight/hit me, they filed another report and this time I pressed charges for harassment. The issue now is I don't feel safe around her. I asked her to leave and she won't because she is on the lease same as me. She has somewhere to go but I don't have another place to go and I'm two months pregnant and cannot afford another move. The police said I can get a restraining order against her and our landlord said if we reached some type of agreement he would release her from the lease no problem. Since she doesn't want to leave but is endangering the safety of both me and my baby if I get the restraining order would she be forced to move out?