My father in law died in 1999, he left no will. My husband and I moved in and began paying the property taxes. My husband passed away 4 days ago in his sleep, and before his body was even removed from our bedroom, his 5 siblings were demanding I move out immediately with my two sons. I have the deed and my father in laws death certificate and now they are demanding I give it to them. I went to legal aid and they cannot help me, the house is worth more than 65,000.00. I consulted several attorneys this morning and cannot afford one, but neither can his siblings. Not one attorney will give me my rights. I don't know where to go to find out my rights. I have no where to go, and need to know if his siblings can force my out of my home. I am considering getting restraining orders to try and keep them from coming over to demand I move, but beyond that I have no idea what to do and I am scared to death. None of the siblings can afford to pay the property taxes or the utilities, they want to immediately sell the house and divide the money. My husband was able to keep them away and they never challenged him about living here. Please can someone tell me what I need to do and what my rights are.