Ok, I've been reading as much as I can, and am hoping someone can help us. We went into a contract for deed three years ago. We now know we did much wrong, but now we are trying to get out of this mess. Basically, we did this contract with two parties: my grandma and my aunt and unle who lived together. We have since gotten a lawyer to write up a form and my aunt and uncle are now out of the contract. Here is the problem: My grandma is now in a nursing home, she had three guardians who will not sign the paper even though she hasn't lived in the house for almost a year. We finally got an illegal tenant out of the house and it's vacant. We have been paying all bills for the past three months. How do we get out of this deal if they won't sign the paper releasing it. She is in default of the contract and was a long time ago, but they are afraid they will get in trouble somehow in the future with Medicaid. We were told that we had to go through a real foreclosure process that could take up to 10,000 which we don't have. We want to sell the house and be done with this mess but don't know if we legally can. Help... Thanks