I hate that it has come to this but I have my oldest son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren that have lived in our second home for 3 years. They have paid rent without a contract. Their rent has fallen behind but mostly has been caught up. They barely pay the payment on the home and I pay for all the insurance.

Today was the last straw as I have asked them for more then a year to find another place to live. They pay 300.00 a month for a house that I could rent for 6-7 hundred. They are very ungrateful and disrespectful...

Today the grand daughter tipped over an empty glass and it was mine that the daughter-in-law had given to me and I had drank. The glass was on the floor with nothing on the floor from being empty. As I handed her the glass I leaned over to make sure nothing had gotten on the floor from her daughter tipping over the glass and I felt something running down my head just above my ear and then several drops into my left ear.

To make a long story short I said, "what the &_*&_)(*?" and my son asked me what happened and I said "that stupid just poured cool-aid in my ear." A few moments later when I was trying to get the sugary cool-aid out of my ear canal she started mouthing off and then exploted into a rant about not showing her respect. I asked her what about the respect of a 20 year old daughter in law pouring cool-aid in her father-in-law's ear..

Then my son told me as she did to "get the _)&_* out of their home. Yep, my home for which we have no rental agreement in writing. I told them that it was not working as this was one of many times where things have went wrong between us.

One time I was in his house with his permission fixing something and had to step in their bedroom to find a flash light. I was cursed up one side and down the other for going into their bedroom. This is the same kids that sit on my bed and use my internet everytime they come over. The same kids who get into my refridgerator and cupboards as I'm not able to get into theirs without asking...

I'm tired of it and it is time for them to be "on their own" The grand babies are locked in as I don't want them to suffer but they need to move. What do I do?

There is a landlord/tenent relationship and I want to evict but want to know how to go about it and if I put the house on the market and it sells (they don't want it) how do I get them out legally as the new owners take the home.

If it doesn't sell, how can I get them out as quickly as possible. I have offered to pay their first months rent in a new home but they refuse.

This family can't go on like this... please help. I live in Augusta, GA 30906.

Mr. Tripp