Hello I need to know how to evict a family member (with children). This family member has pay some money to us during a year about 300.00 a month. After this person was told to move out this person stop helping with the 300. A month. There is no lease because this person was being help. I think this person is with social services gets help from the government but I can't continue helping because everything is so expensive and I see no help from this family member.I also believe that this person can get section 8 they help with housing. I don't want to get stuck anymore with this family member, I'm afraid that social service would tell me that they can't be kick out because they have no where to go, but I have told this person since June of this year they have to leave. It's been 4 months and I see nothing . Also this family member has been living with us for 12 years and in those 12 years only 1 years this person has helped with 300. Dollars a month and I can't continue support them. Thank you for your advice