I wanted to rent a room in an apartment for r1300 per month. The agency I was dealing with told me to sign the contract within less than a week otherwise I would loose the room, so I signed it before I could read the entire contract. I was required to pay e deposit of R4650 and I had made an oral agreement with them to pay part of that money. After the deadline they had given me arrived I realised that I could not raise the entire deposit so I lost the room. The contract now stipulates that if I leave a lease agreement before it ends without having a replacement I will be liable for full payment. However that contract did not say it is a lease contract and they gave me a separate lease contract with the lessor. Am I liable to pay for that substitute. Oh and by the way I asked one of the agents and she said they already have someone to take that room and that person chose to move in the following month. Now the agency refuses to give me the R1575 that I had already paid. What must I do. Please please help me.