2 months ago a friend of mine was being evicted from her rental. I offered to let her stay at first, for several days in between moving from place to place. She then said she couldn`t find a place, and feeling bad for her I offered to let her stay for 1 but not more then 2 weeks. She then came crying to me that she couldn`t rent a storage unit because she had no valid ID. I asked her clearly what she had, in front of a witness, and she stated a few items. I asked her to be specific and she listed 10 items. I also told her that my landlord did not want any one else on the property, and that she would be only a guest for a short time. She hasn`t left. She also under the cover of darkness, or when I was at work, moved all of her belongings there. Wash. State law is so confusing on this. One minute she`s a tresspasser and a squatter, the next I`m told she has tenant rights because her belongings are there. Lastly, I let her stay in my cotenants trailor. Not my house, and he never gave her any oral or written permission to stay there. She has never paid me any money, (which I don`t want, I just want her gone) has never received mail there, and nowhere is there any written documentation of any kind that she could use to prove tenancy. HELP ME PLEASE. I`m at my wits end and terrified if my landlord finds out I`ll be evicted.