Okay, I searched for a similar topic before I post this and found one that is very close to
Our case ("the house in which i am renting is being forclosed on!" by krysmoma, on Jul 31, 2007 05:15 PM.)
However, my question goes on. Please bear with me.

My two roommates and I have been renting a house on month-to-month basis. On 7/24,
We were informed that the house had been sold and we would need to move out by 8/24.
We are tying hard to find new places, and at the same time, we would like to talk to our
Landlady, but she is no longer talking to us.

Q1. Do we have to pay August rent, and if so, how much?
We are trying to figure this out, but the landlady is not responding to our call anymore.
In the answer to krysmoma's question, I found that after foreclosure, the lease is considered to be terminated.
I assume this means we can stay until 8/24 but do not have to pay rent. Am I correct?

Q2. Is our landlady still responsible for us (tenants)?
As I said, we are all trying hard to find new places to move in, but we have found we need some help from
The landlady. She is not talking to us, she is, of course, not helping us.
She just left a message in our voice mail that we need to move out by 8/24.

Q3. Can we move out on 8/24 or the house needs to be empty in the morning of 8/24?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!