Well... I've done something foolish and now I need to know what I can (or should) do about it.

We have a nice view of Mount Ranier from the patio in front of our home. Over the last few months, the hedge that separates my house and the house next door has grown so tall that it blocked the view of the mountain. I thought the hedge was on my property so this morning I went out and trimmed it. It turns out it isn't on my property at all and the neighbor is REALLY angry.

Obviously, I'm horrified and embarrassed - I never would have done this if I'd thought the hedge was on their side of the property line. It was confusing because there is a retaining wall that divides the two properties (which I thought was the property line) and the trunks of the hedges are on my side of that wall.

The neighbor pointed out where the property line is (after discovering what I had done) and I'm clearly in the wrong here.

Other than apologize profusely (I obviously can't put the growth back on the hedge) is there anything I can or should do about this now?