I have a question about getting out of my lease. I live in Wisconsin and recently sign a lease for a year. I am having problems with my landlords, They have been saying things and then backing out on them. I made the mistake by not getting anything in writing, but I am tired of dealing with them. I did my research and found out that the landlord my not enter the tenants house unless 12 hour notice. There have been plently of times he would call only a few hours in advance and tell me he was coming over. Also two days ago he knocked once and walked in and starting talking to me. Plus he has been mowing the lawn for the house but never tells us in advice when he will be there to do that. I was wondering if that was enough to get out of my lease and if so how do I prove that he hasn't been fellowing the lease. Also what do I say if I write him a letter saying I am moving out in 30 days.