Here is another victim of foreclosed apt in Florida.
My Apts were owned by a famous south Florida company which declared bankruptcy.
I lived in the apt for 18 months on 7 months lease and then during the foreclosure process for 6 months, month to month until it was bought by new owner bought the apt in march 2008.I vacated the apt giving 30 day advance notice on Apr 31 2008 to the new owner.. I waited for June 10th and send a mail asking my security deposit of 350$ to the new owner said that the previous owner has ran away with all the security deposits which was like between 15,000$ to 30,000$(do not know exact figure as it had 300 units).
The previous owner declared bankruptcy in May 2008. I had sent a letter asking for my deposit to the previous owner but no that time I thought I do not have any that I came to your site I want to take some expert opinion on this. Can I sue the new owner for my security deposit of 350$.since the previous owner already declared bankruptcy there is no point in suing that owner. Thanks a lot in advance.