I have been renting my apartment for 5 months now. I have an agreement with my landlord that the rent is due on 25th of each month but I am allotted a 5 day grace period, where thereafter I would be charge a $75 Late fee. I have always paid made sure to pay my rent no later then the 3rd day. She has always accepted my payment and never expressed any issues as to when she was receiving the rent.

On Firday, October 28th, I deposit my rent payment(still within the 5 day grace period), She confirm that she received the payment on Saturday. On Tuesday, she sent me a certified letter asking me to vacate the premises by the 24th of November due to Non-Compliance for inconsitency delay in rental payment. She claims that I have been continuously late on my rental payment, When I always make sure I ay my rent before the 5 day grace period. She has never give me any prior knowledge of any non-compliance. But now she is asking me to vacte by the end of the month after she has accepted my money. Can she do that?