I have a question that I would like answered by someone who knows more about this than myself...

Is it legal for a landlord to evict someone( I have lived here for 1 year and a couple months) for a remodel.

Now the apartment I live in is not great but there is nothing wrong with it if anything the apartment below us needs attention but the people down there are his friends (7 people two bedroom) I just got served a 30day notice to vacate for remodel, because he wants to... and I quote "get people on alaska housing (assistance) so i can make more profit."

Now I know that landlords have the power to evict when a remodel is needed but what about when it's not...

Me and my fiancée just had a baby (mothers day) and we are not strapped with the cash to afford to move pay for first, last, and security
I live in anchorage Alaska please someone tell me if I have any rights or what my options are.

Thank you