My ex boyfriend has lived with me on and off for 9 months, He does not have a lease and has never paid me rent. He has moved in and out and the last time he moved back in (because he was kicked out of other houses for non payment) He uses a bedroom upstairs and had left his furniture here. Saying I could keep it for non payment on house. He has been volatile and I the police have come to remove him but they said I had to have his mail sent to another address, now they are saying I have to give him 30 day's notice because he has stayed here for more than one month at a time. My question is is an email okay as proof of eviction notice, he replied so I have proof. Or do I need a signed document from him. And do I need to file anything with the court? I do not have a lease from him nor have I been given rent money from him?
And yes, I am stupid for letting him stay here prior when he lost his job.:rolleyes: