I was named executor in my mother's notarized will (she never filed it in court). So, far the will has been honored by banks/insurance and the family is trying to avoid probate court. My grandmother's notarized will (never filed in court) left my mother a piece of land. As Mom's executor, the deed was given to me, but the land is still in the name of my deceased grandparents. I want to sell the land and divide the money with my siblings to which they are agreeable. My questions: 1) Can I sell the land with the current deed? 2) Can I have the deed changed to my name without going through probate so it can be sold?

Note: My mother's death preceded my grandmother's death by a few weeks. My uncle has been recognized by the family as the executor of my grandmother's affairs although no executor was named in her will and he was the person who gave me the deed.