I have a major problem with a quit claim deed that was done regarding my father's property. The intention was to put me in the deed but as an heir to the property, not as a co-owner or anything like that. So, a quit claim deed was filled out and recorded at the clerk of the circuit court. However, we just received our taxes, and they DOUBLED. It turned out that the taxes increased because my dad was taken off the property and I was added on as the new owner. The intention was not to add me as an owner, but to just put a clause in the deed stating that I was the heir. I went to my local property appraiser's office and they said I had to do a corrective deed putting my dad back on the property and then stating "retains a Life Estate..." with my name after that. Obviously, when you look at the deed, it's kind of difficult to decide where and exactly what language to use on it. So, I just picked up a certified copy of the present deed and left. My question now is: shall I just do what I was told, or file a brand new quit claim deed (I was told that because this is a new deed, my taxes could go up even higher), or just see an attorney? Can anyone (preferably someone that has in depth knowledge about this like an attorney) please give some advice as to what I should do? I am desperate (obviously we have a HUGE tax bill in our hands because of this mistake) and really need some help. My local property appraiser refused to give me advice. Please help me! I would really, really appreciate it. Thank you!