Home seller found a buyer who could not qualify for purchasing at the time he moved in to the house but believed he could either come up with the money needed to buy the home or qualify for a loan within one year. So, the buyer signed a promissory note for the full price of the home, less a down payment and agreed to pay $850 per month for one year and then obtain financing at that time to pay the remaining balance on the price of the home. Buyer moved in to the home and made modifications to the home even though the seller told him not to make any modifications until after the home was in the buyer’s name. At the end of one year, the buyer was unable to obtain financing for a loan and did not have the amount still owed for the purchase price. The buyer refuses to move out and is requesting that the seller pay to the buyer the cost of all the modifications buyer made to the property during the time since possession. What is the best way for the seller to obtain possession? Is a forcible detainer action appropriate even though there is no lease contract?