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    Jan 19, 2009, 07:43 AM
    Is my Condo Association Discriminating Against Me?
    I have been renting this condo from my parents who refuse to defend me or get involved. Is it legal to only have one person on the board? She is the President and has been writing me up for the four years that I have lived here. My girlfriend was her former boss and said she has mental problems and that is why they fired her.(I am just showing you what character this woman is).

    I have been nice to all my neighbors including her. I have a teenager and a dog and cat. She said they should not allow animals or kids here and yells at other neighbors kids. No other neighbors want to get involved or join the board. I can not join as I am considered a renter and only owners can be on it.

    This one woman has written me up for shoes in the hall, talking in the hall,throughing cigarette butts on the parking lot and her porch.(It was her SIL). Also she yells obsenities at us if we go outside, but she wrote me up for that. Then, the 13 year old cat went on the porch the first week we moved here and she wrote me up that it wasn't on a leash. She is now making more lies, the latest is that my 15 year old dog was not on a leash, I damaged her plants in the hall. I have tried to talk to the association and tell them she needs a picture or proof of these things. They agree that she has had it in for me for years now. I sent pictures to the association of her piles of shoes in the hall and her huge leaky trah bags in the hall causing carpet stains. They only said they would talk to her.

    These fines are $25 and additional $25 for being late. The snow plow never plows around my car and last month I looked outside and it was pushed sideways with the entire right side damaged with the snow blade. Association denies the plow did this. I can't even get my car out to go get an estimate as they have pushed so much snow around it. No other neighbors are having these problems.

    At the board meeting she continues to make new rules. The latest were that we are to take our windchimes down and no shoes, on the porch(I leave mine there after I walk the dog). Also no bikes on the porch which I use to get to work. She had my garden torn up, along with others who live on the bottom floor and replaced with rocks. She now has a spot light above my porch and the other bottom level porches. I have complained to the association about as there is no privacy at night and she comes outside and looks in my door.

    There are no lights out front and we are having continuous vandalism, but the association says they have no money for lighting!

    The cleaning guy said everyone leaves their shoes outside their doors and continue to do so. Also no one but me has taken their windchimes down.

    Is it fair that I continue to be the only one getting written up? Can I sue to get moving fees? There is definitely no peaceful enjoyment here. She slams her door so hard that pictures fall off my wall and her DIL grandchild and dog run around in the hall, but I got written up for saying good bye to my son as he was leaving.
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    Jan 19, 2009, 07:48 AM

    What does your homeowners agreement say about the number of people on the board.

    Have you committed the infractions? If you are written up for the same things other people do and they are NOT written up and you can prove it, by all means, consult with an Attorney.
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    Jan 19, 2009, 08:48 AM
    No, that has been the problem. She can make up anything she wants. I told the association that she should provide a picture. These are very small condos, apartments really. Shoes on a doormat are common with the other tenants but the association property manager laughed at me and said how do I know she's not writing up other people? I know because I was written up the first time 3 years ago, and the others in my building have told me they have not had any write ups, she just has it in for me. She also has written me up for having a USPS box outside my door, which help the postal lady carry my packages when I sold on eBay(My employer went out of business, so I did it to support my son and I)

    Their snow plow demolishing my car is the final straw. I had expected the plow driver to contact me, instead he continues to plow snow on it. I finally got a body shop to come out to look at it(as I can't get out) and am waiting for his estimate. If I were an owner here, I would refuse to pay associaton fees for lack of service.

    I do not have a homeowners agreement, only the original copy of the rules, which list that we can have seasonal items on our porch and animals should be restrained. My dog is 15 and I am lucky he can still walk! When I first moved here she yelled at me when I started to hang my windchimes. So being a good neighbor I didn't until after noticing everyone else had them and they can't be annoying if she never opens her window. I got a $25 fine when she brought her patio plants to the hall. She said I destroyed them. My other neighbors even looked and the only thing is that petals had fallen off naturally. Why she is the only one to bring her outdoor plants inside is a mystery too. There is now another $25 late fee fine for this. I live in fear of her next lie and fine. The rules say first a warning then a fine then eviction. This is what she is leading up to.

    This will never end and I really feel I am being forced to move by this one person, and have no way to pay for moving expenses.

    My 80 year old neighbor friend upstairs was on the board but dropped out because she couldn't take it, but is planning on voting in March. I don't know if I will last that long.
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    Jan 19, 2009, 08:54 AM

    I see no choice for you but to get an Attorney.

    Why won't your parents - the condo owners - get involved?
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    Jan 19, 2009, 11:58 AM

    My parents don't want to get involved, they just want the rent money. They got me on Section 8 when my employer went out of business, so they don't have to worry about talking to me or the rent being late.
    Hard to explain, but yes it hurts that they won't defend me. I am pretty sure an attorney would want money also. When I called a few about the hit and run with the plow they told me their fees would be more than the car is worth.

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