I have rental property, the tenant moved out at the end of May 2010 and I turned on the power and water in my name to comtrol the temp in the home. I discussed renting my house to a couple back in September 2010 but they never committed to a date when they would move in. On December 20th a utilities bill was issued and much higher than normal. I found out they had moved into my home without permission or notifying me. On 12/21 they had deposited the final amount required for the security deposit we had discussed and when I FINALLY got them to call me back, they promised to pay the full rent amount for Dec and Jan plus reimburse me for the utilities they used and transfer the utilities into their name. They kept assureing me this would be taken care of and pushing the promise date out. I had to turn my utilities off because I could no longer afford to pay the bill because it was so high. They are still in my house with no utilities and have not paid any utilities and only given ma $600.00 towards the December rent. So they owe me $100. For Dec rent plus the full amount of the Jan, Feb rent and utilities for Dec, Jan & Feb. In Florida, is it legal for them to live in my house without any utilities?